Kid Cudi’s Moon Man’s Landing 2023 Festival Canceled


Exactly two weeks ago, on June 14, Kid Cudi announced that his Moon Man’s Landing festival would take place on August 19 in Cleveland. The lineup included Lil Uzi Vert, Suicideboys, Coi Leray, and Kid Cudi himself. However, Cudi recently revealed (on June 27) that this year’s festival will be canceled.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Cudi explained that he was unable to obtain approval for the outdoor event from the city. He also mentioned that an indoor event wasn’t the desired alternative. Here’s what he wrote:

“Hey guys,

I have some bad news. I have to cancel Moon Man’s Landing this year. I know you all wanted an outdoor festival, and so did I, but the city didn’t approve it. Instead of canceling the entire event, I decided to have it at the arena because I still wanted to bring something cool to the city. However, I understand that many of you weren’t excited about the change. But don’t worry! Here’s the good news: I will bring the festival back next year, hopefully with some of the same artists, and it will be held in an outdoor venue. The only thing is, it might have to be more than an hour outside of Cleveland. Some people mentioned that they wouldn’t mind the drive if the festival was outside the city, so let me know your thoughts! I doubt the city will approve anything within Cleveland, but Moon Man’s Landing is not dead! I promise we will find a better location for all of you to have an epic time. Big bro’s got you.


See Cudi’s full post below.


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