NJ Man Faces Estimated $32K in Fines for Cutting Down 32 Trees


A man from New Jersey is facing significant fines after he allegedly chopped down 32 trees belonging to his neighbor without a permit. The reason behind this act was reportedly to improve his view of New York City. According to Morris County officials, John Linson, the borough of Kinnelon’s arborist, issued fines to Grant Haber, the person responsible for ordering the tree cutting.

The estimated cost to replant the destroyed trees is over $1.5 million, as stated by Sam Glickman, a friend of arborist Linson. These fines could amount to $400,000, including fines to the two contractors hired by Haber to cut the trees.

Linson declined to provide further comment on the matter. However, he indicated that Glickman’s replanting estimate might be slightly exaggerated.

It remains unclear at this time whether Haber will also be responsible for the replanting costs.

Who is Grant Haber? The Man Behind the Tree-Cutting Violations

Grant Haber is listed as the CEO of American Innovations on his LinkedIn page. According to IMDb, his company develops products to counter munitions and other dangerous devices. He is also known for being an expert on improvised explosive devices and has appeared on various media platforms, such as the “Right In DC” podcast and the One America News Network segment on counter-terrorism. Haber has also made an appearance in Michael Moore’s film “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

Haber’s scheduled Zoom court hearing was rescheduled for July 18 after his lawyer requested more time to prepare his case.


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