Roseanne Barr Calls On Lizzo To ‘Thank’ Her For Pioneering


Recently, Roseanne Barr expressed her desire for Lizzo to acknowledge and show gratitude for her trailblazing efforts, although this view is largely disputed by the internet!

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Roseanne Barr Questions When Lizzo Will Acknowledge The Comedienne “Paving The Way”

This matter arose earlier this week when Roseanne made an Instagram post.

The post specifically featured photos from her February 1994 Vanity Fair profile, showcasing Barr posing in lingerie.

Notably, this Vanity Fair feature took place during the run of Roseanne, which concluded in 1998 before briefly returning in 2018. However, due to Barr’s racist tweets, the sitcom was canceled. Roseanne’s character was ultimately killed off, and the remaining cast members starred in The Conners.

Beneath the risqué throwback, Roseanne confidently asked, “When is @lizzobeeating going to thank me for paving the way[?]”

As Lizzo has gained widespread attention for embracing and advocating for body positivity over the years, it seems that Roseanne wanted recognition for representing thicker body types back in the day.

Twitter Users Shut Roseanne’s Statement DOWN: “Missy Was The Blueprint”

As people caught wind of Roseanne Barr’s post, they shared their thoughts online.

Most people disagreed with the idea that Lizzo owed any gratitude to Roseanne. One user even dismissed Barr’s statement by pointing out that “Missy was the blueprint.”

Similarly, another individual pointed out that, when it comes to trailblazing, “Queen Latifah among several other Black female artists” are more deserving of acknowledgment.

While pushing back against Roseanne Barr’s post, a user stated, “When one thinks of Lizzo, absolutely no one thinks of Roseanne paving any roads for her.” Oop!

Overall, it seems that most people did not see the connection and did not support Roseanne’s claim.

Roomies, what do you think about Roseanne Barr proclaiming she “paved the way” for Lizzo?


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