50 Cent Mocks Ja Rule’s ‘Stupid’ Festival Entrance


Despite their longstanding feud nearly two decades ago, 50 Cent couldn’t resist taking a dig at Ja Rule’s recent dramatic entrance at Nelly’s Not in Herre Festival in Toronto. Ja Rule was brought onto the stage on a stretcher with EMTs, providing the perfect opportunity for 50 Cent to troll his longtime rival once again.

On his Instagram, 50 Cent shared a screenshot of R&B singer Ginuwine’s stretcher entrance from a past episode of BET’s 106 & Park, cleverly juxtaposing it with a XXL headline about Ja Rule’s entrance. In the caption, he simply wrote, “WTF. I ain’t gotta say shit, stupid ninjas,” replacing the N-word with a ninja emoji – a popular substitute online. You can view 50 Cent’s post and Ginuwine’s performance below.

In response, Ja Rule took to Twitter, saying, “All this back and forth on the internet, we don’t tennis that…YOU GOTTA DO SOMETHING!!!” He also suggested that 50 Cent is fixated on him by retweeting a fan’s comment that read, “50 Cent is obsessed with Ja from 1999. It’s like he’s mad cuz he never be part of the big Def Jam 99 Area, he went after every big Name from Jay-Z to Nas. And now he constantly try to Mock Ja rule and MurderInc. For Me the only reason why he can’t get over it, it’s FEAR.”

Despite their differing career paths, it’s amusing and somewhat sad that 50 Cent still holds onto a one-sided 20-year grudge, even though most people would consider him the victor. Ja Rule is even targeted by impartial parties, making it an unfair battle at this point. However, 50 Cent is who he is, so the best course of action for Ja is probably to ignore him and keep moving forward.


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