Best Sneakers of 2023: Top Sneaker Releases of the Year


Release Date: March 10
Price: $190

When Corteiz’s Alcatraz Island logo appeared on Niketown London in January, it was clear that the UK streetwear brand would make a significant impact with its first sneaker collaboration. In March, Corteiz founder Clint released a video campaign directed by Walid Labri that depicted news anchors reporting on the excitement surrounding Corteiz’s Air Max 95 collaboration. Little did we know, this advertisement was foretelling the chaos that would soon follow. Throughout March and April, regional pop-ups in London, New York City, and Paris had fans running through the streets in hopes of acquiring a city-exclusive colorway of the Corteiz 95s.

The London edition featured an olive green and black colorway, while New Yorkers had a grey option with pink detailing, and Parisians were treated to a grey pair with blue accents. Each version included unique elements such as a plastic overlay resembling a fence on the topmost panel, Corteiz script on the medial ankle collar, star branding on the lateral toe, the Alcatraz logo on the tongues, and camo liners. The design of each colorway has garnered praise and is considered the “best” by different individuals, showcasing the success of Corteiz’s execution.

Corteiz did more than create three exceptional pairs of Air Maxes—they also brought back the nostalgic feeling of the sneaker culture that flourished on the streets. While the longevity of Corteiz as a brand remains uncertain, its initial sneaker collaboration will be remembered for years to come. –Mike DeStefano

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