Billboard Declares OutKast as the Best Rap Group Ever, Social Media Responds


The renowned music publication Billboard has recently released its list of the “50 Greatest Rap Groups of All Time,” with OutKast claiming the top spot. They were followed by other iconic groups like Wu-Tang Clan, NWA, and A Tribe Called Quest. While there is no doubt about OutKast’s significant contributions to the hip hop world since their debut in the 90s, some social media users have different opinions about who deserves the number one position.

“You can’t be serious right now,” commented one Instagram user. “They’re legends, but number one of all time? No way, man.” Another argued, “Wu-Tang is the greatest rap group of all time.” A user claimed, “Wu-Tang is the greatest GROUP. OutKast is the greatest duo.” Despite the dissenting opinions, many fans came to OutKast’s defense.

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Observations from Social Media

Billboard finally got it right,” commented one social media user, while another claimed, “If you disagree with this, you have no music taste.” One user humorously wrote, “Only people disagreeing with this are 2000’s babies,” alongside a laughing emoji. Another user stated, “Every album these guys released took us to a whole different dimension.” Numerous commenters respected Billboard‘s decision but held different personal opinions. One user wrote, “I’m not mad at this, but it wouldn’t be my personal choice. Still a solid ranking though.” Several users believe that OutKast’s unmatched creativity alone makes them the best, while others argue that they haven’t influenced the rap genre enough to claim the number one spot.

In general, social media users are divided when it comes to Billboard‘s rankings. Many feel that the duo should have been placed in another category because they only have two members, while other groups consist of more members. Some users fall in the middle, acknowledging OutKast’s greatness but suggesting another group should have taken the top position.

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Social Media Responses


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