Did Pete Davidson Develop PTSD Because of Kanye West’s Bullying?


Sources close to Pete Davidson are attributing his PTSD to Kanye West’s actions.

The comedian had a highly publicized relationship with Kim Kardashian while she was still married to Kanye West. This sparked a public outburst from West and involved the public ridicule of Davidson. West even portrayed an animated version of Davidson being beheaded in one of his videos.

It’s unclear if Davidson’s past interactions with West’s family provided any comfort, as the sources did not comment on this. However, our focus is on the struggling actor.

It’s important to note that Davidson has been open about his mental health struggles. In an interview with actress Glen Close, he spoke about his ongoing battle with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Davidson’s vulnerability has been evident, with recent incidents including driving over a fire hydrant and crashing into a random house. He has sought therapy regularly to address various mental health issues.

A source close to Davidson shared with Page Six that he is “taking a well-deserved break to focus on himself and learn how to better manage his PTSD.”

The question remains: Did Kanye West trigger Davidson’s PTSD?


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