Kanye West Claims Jews Prevented Him From Becoming President


Rapper-turned-billionaire-turned-politician Kanye West has expressed his belief that he was prevented from becoming president because of his views on Jewish people.


A new documentary titled “The Trouble with KanYe” delves into Kanye West’s obsession with antisemitic beliefs and his history of abuse.

Produced and aired by the BBC, the documentary was made by Mobeen Azhar, a fan of Kanye’s music who wanted to explore the extent of his dislike for Jewish people.

One person interviewed for the documentary was tech entrepreneur Alex Klein, a Jewish man who previously worked with Kanye on his “Donda 2” album.

During a disagreement, Kanye allegedly made a derogatory comment towards Klein, saying, “You’re exactly like the other Jews.” In response, Klein asked Kanye if he believed that Jewish people were conspiring to hold him back.

Klein recalls Kanye’s answer, stating, “Yes, yes I do.”

According to previous reports by AllHipHop.com, Kanye lost friends like Klein and lucrative business deals due to his antisemitic beliefs. This also led to the dissolution of his Adidas deal and affected his billionaire status as reported by Forbes.

Klein reveals that Kanye continued his rant about the Jews, asserting that his statement was not something he needed to retract because it was the key to his current success and potential presidency.

The filmmaker, Mobeen Azhar, found these comments particularly intriguing and decided to explore how Kanye reached this point in his beliefs.

“Like many people, I have watched his politics shift, and his views shift in recent years. And I’ve been kind of frustrated, angry, confused by a lot of the things that he’s put out there,” Azhar said.

The documentary “The Trouble with KanYe” is available on BBC Two and can be streamed on iPlayer. A podcast titled “The Kanye Story” is also available on BBC Sounds.


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