Kris Jenner Feels ‘Guilty’ For Helping Her Kids Achieve Fame


Kris Jenner is acknowledging the guilt she feels for playing a pivotal role in helping her children achieve worldwide fame. After all, life in the spotlight brings new troubles alongside major blessings.

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Kris Jenner Opens Up About Her Momager Guilt

The moment went down on the latest episode of The Kardashians.

During a sit-down between her and Kim Kardashian, Kris acknowledged that — although the family is “so blessed” and “built this amazing life” for themselves — she sometimes thinks fame can “be a curse.”

“Sometimes I feel like I’ve helped build something that can also be a burden. The haters, they’re so brutal sometimes.”

The momager went on to add, “I feel bad that I brought this element to our lives. It’s hard — it’s a struggle.”

Kris Jenner even told Kim Kardashian that the subject “weighs heavy on [her] heart,” as she feels “guilty about the other side of the coin.”

“It weighs heavy on my heart a lot. Now, sometimes I just feel guilty about the other side of the coin. That we’ve created this life, [which is] not only a big responsibility, but it also can be very negative.”

She further explained that the family is “blamed for everything” on account of their critics.

“I think that this life that we live, as beautiful as it is, we get blamed for everything. Everything’s our fault… I feel so bad for you guys that you have to bear that on certain days.”

Kim then shared her take in the confessional, noting that “God makes no mistakes” and their fame-based hardships are “part of [their] journey.”

“All of this is a part of our journey. God makes no mistakes. All of this is happening for us for the lessons that we have to learn here on this planet.”

Kim & Kris Discuss 2016 Paris Robbery

Speaking on the less-fabulous aspects of fame, Kris Jenner mentioned the Parisian robbery that Kim Kardashian faced in 2016.

Harrowingly, she described her second-born daughter being “tied up and thrown into a bathtub” during the traumatic ordeal.

Kris then recalled Kim observing that the situation “wouldn’t have happened the same way” with another family member.

“I remember you said, ‘Thank God it happened to me because if it happened to anybody else, they wouldn’t have been able to survive. And it wouldn’t have happened the same way.’”

Kim Kardashian agreed, recounting that — upon eventually being freed — she thought, “Thank God this was me and not one of my sisters. Because it would, like, f**k them up for life.”

Kris Jenner continued, discussing how she’s “proud” of Kim and “wish[es] that everybody knew” how great of a person she is.

“I don’t know anyone who could’ve handled what you [did]. I’m so proud of you, every single day, for the way that you live your life. I wish that everybody knew how beautiful and delicious your heart was, and they would never say one thing about you.”

In turn, Kim attempted to ease the “guilt” that Kris lives with for “help[ing] all [her] kids get famous.”

“You live in this guilt thinking, ‘I wish I didn’t help all my kids get famous.’ You just can’t live like that. This is also our journey, and we wanted this. And you just helped us fulfill our dreams.”

Kardashian wrapped up by proclaiming, “Life is about hardships and how you get through them. And we know how to get through them… We get through things, and we get through them together.” IKTR!


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