Latto and Cardi B ‘Put It On Da Floor Again’: Song Of Summer


The BET Awards on Sunday (June 25) witnessed Latto’s memorable performance of “Put It On Da Floor,” nominated for Best Collaboration and Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. Latto brought energy to the stage, inspired by her TikTok adventures at Walmart. The highlight of her performance was when she ripped out of her top, paying respect to the late Shawty Lo. Later in the evening, Latto won Best Female Hip-Hop Artist and gave a shout-out to other talented women in the category.

The song “Put It On Da Floor Again” by Latto and Cardi B has become a summer anthem. It has inspired a popular TikTok challenge called “Rip Me Out The Plastic,” where people showcase their fresh looks and achievements. The remix of the song has received great response and is climbing the charts.

The original version of “Put It On Da Floor” was released in April, showcasing Latto’s versatility as an artist. She has been pushing herself to try new styles and challenge herself. Latto’s remix strategy has proven successful in extending the life cycle of her songs. Cardi B’s collaboration on the remix has further boosted its popularity.

Both Latto and Cardi B have shown their genuine friendship and chemistry in the music video for “Put It On Da Floor Again.” The song’s catchy nature and their organic collaboration make it a standout summer hit. They have been performing the song at various concerts, gaining momentum and becoming a cultural reset for embracing female rap anthems.

The competition for “Song of the Summer” is still open, but “Put It On Da Floor Again” has strong potential to take the title. It has all the elements of a summer hit and is being widely embraced by rap fans. The impact of the song goes beyond the music itself, as people bring plastic bags to clubs and even court correspondents reference the lyrics. If “Put It On Da Floor Again” becomes the song of the summer, it will mark a significant moment for female rap anthems and their ratchet sides.

The collaboration between Latto and Cardi B was not manufactured by their labels or A&Rs. They have praised each other’s talent and supported one another throughout their careers. Cardi B’s contributions to “Put It On Da Floor Again” have added an extra layer of excitement to the song. Latto and Cardi B have been performing the song at major concerts, further cementing its status as a summer banger.

There is still time to crown the official Song of the Summer, but “Put It On Da Floor Again” is a strong contender. Its infectious energy and widespread popularity are undeniable. As the summer rolls on, this song has the potential to make a lasting impact and become a cultural reset for rap fans.


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