Travis Scott Will Not Face Criminal Charges in Astroworld Tragedy


A grand jury in Texas has decided not to indict Travis Scott on criminal charges related to the Astroworld tragedy.


Travis Scott’s attorney, Kent Schaffer, spoke to reporters about the grand jury’s decision on Thursday (June 29). Although Schaffer did not know the exact charges under consideration, he believed that his client deserved to avoid an indictment.

The Astroworld Festival of 2021 was a tragic event that resulted in the death of 10 individuals due to a crowd crush. Some of the families of the victims hoped that the artist, who is signed to Epic Records, would face criminal charges. However, Schaffer emphasized that blaming Travis Scott is unfair.

“I know they lost loved ones, but Travis is not responsible,” Schaffer said. “Bringing criminal charges against him will not ease their pain. Indicting Travis for something he’s clearly not responsible for is not going to ease their pain at all. I hope their pain is something they’ll be able to live with.”

Travis Scott still has multiple lawsuits pending regarding the Astroworld tragedy. The families of the deceased and other victims who were injured at the festival have filed lawsuits against the rapper, Live Nation, and other parties involved in the event.

Last year, Live Nation reached settlements with the families of the Astroworld victims Axel Acosta and Brianna Rodriguez. Travis Scott’s legal team did not participate in the settlement negotiations.



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