Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival: No Criminal Charges


Travis Scott will not face criminal charges in relation to the tragic events that occurred at the Astroworld Festival in 2021. A Texas grand jury has chosen not to indict him for the incidents that resulted in 10 deaths and numerous injuries, as reported by the Associated Press. Travis’ lawyer, Kent Schaffer, confirmed that he was unsure about the specific criminal charges that were under consideration, but was confident that Travis did not engage in any actions that would have caused the crowd surge leading to the injuries.

Although Schaffer expressed relief at the decision, he made it clear that Travis was never involved in encouraging actions that resulted in harm to others. Holding Travis responsible for criminal charges would not provide solace to the victims and their families, many of whom believe that the rapper should be held accountable due to his association with the festival and the injuries occurring during his headlining performance. Travis and Live Nation, the event promoter, are facing a multitude of lawsuits that have been consolidated into a single case.

A thorough investigation conducted by law enforcement and federal officials aimed to determine whether Live Nation and Travis were criminally negligent in ensuring the safety of the festival attendees. Travis maintains that he had no knowledge of any issues occurring at the event, which is why he continued performing for almost 30 minutes. However, the families of the victims argue that his history of encouraging dangerous behavior at previous shows demonstrates his responsibility regardless.


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