42 Dugg Releases New Single “One Time”


42 Dugg is back with a brand new release.

While serving the remainder of his sentence, the rapper from the Collective Music Group drops his latest single titled “One Time”.

Produced by VenoTheBuilder and A1 Rocky, this Detroit rapper delivers his street-oriented verses. The song is accompanied by a music video.

On the hook, 42 Dugg raps, “They said that nigga ain’t rapping, where the case at / Half of these niggas ain’t that, they just can make rap / Fucking with a fully loaded, some shit can get you bloated / If you ain’t tryna kill some, then why the fuck you toting?”

“One Time” marks 42 Dugg’s first solo release since last summer’s “IDGAF”. Since then, he has collaborated with artists such as Jeezy and Babyface Ray.


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