Preview of Merchandise from Drake’s ‘It’s All A Blur Tour’


Last night (June 29), Drake and 21 Savage kicked off the It’s All A Blur Tour in Memphis. This highly anticipated tour will make its way through major cities such as Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, and more over the coming months. Fans will have the chance to experience live performances of their collaborative 2022 album, Her Loss.

Drake recently got fans excited by teasing some merchandise on his Instagram Story. A photo was shared featuring two T-shirts, with one showing a partial glimpse. The T-shirts feature a combination of black and neon yellow colors, with the text “It’s All A Blur Tour” placed over the heart. The iconic OVO owl, which represents Drake’s brand, is also displayed on the merchandise.

In addition to the tour, Drake has also released a new book titled Titles Ruin Everything: A Stream Of Consciousness. The book, co-authored with Kenza Samir, has received mixed reviews. Notably, bestselling author Hanif Abdurraqib had some criticism in his review for the New York Times. Abdurraqib states, “Some of these [lines] are so absurd that they’re actually funny. But it’s hard to tell if he also understands that they’re bending into absurdist humor, and understands that there will be people who find it profound. Or if he’s convinced himself of the profundity. Really, it’s kind of just a book of puns. Silly lil’ jokes.” Abdurraqib acknowledges the prevalence of such works but expresses his struggle in determining the author’s intent and level of self-awareness in creating this coffee table book of one-liners.


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