Kamala Harris Reveals Her Silk Press Secrets in Conversation with Keke Palmer


Vice President Kamala Harris shares her tips for achieving a flawless silk press hairstyle in a conversation with comedian and actor Keke Palmer.

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Kamala Harris Opens Up About Her Silk Press

In an exclusive episode of her podcast, ‘Baby, This Is Keke Palmer’, Palmer interviewed Vice President Harris at the White House. Towards the end of the conversation, Palmer decided to ask Harris a series of more personal and candid questions.

“Question number one, how many times a month do you get a silk press?” Palmer asked.

Vice President Harris immediately responded, saying, “So you know, I don’t use a curling iron.”

Palmer was surprised by her answer.

“It’s too much heat,” Vice President Harris explained.

“I use a round brush,” she continued.

Amazed, Palmer continued her line of questioning, asking, “Now, what kind of magical round brush?”

Palmer then commented that Vice President Harris must have super fine hair. However, Harris disagreed.

“No, it’s not. It takes a while. A boar-bristle… but it takes a lot of heat. But it’s too much heat to do that and do [a curling iron],” Vice President Harris explained.

Palmer responded with, “Girl, you have us shook on the internets.”

The conversation ended with Palmer mentioning that Vice President Harris and Queen Latifah are competing in the silk press game.

Social Media Reactions

Palmer’s comments about the Vice President’s silk press caused a stir on social media. After the podcast episode aired, users took to Twitter to share their thoughts and thank Palmer for getting Harris to reveal her hair secret.

One Twitter user, @2RawTooReal, said, “Thank god for @KekePalmer because she’s asking Madam Vice President Kamala Harris the hard questions… this silk press situation has had me pressed for years…”

Another Twitter user, @vandernoldmedia, wrote, “Kamala Harris silk press asked and answered y’all lol”

Another Twitter user, @heyfurqan, expressed their appreciation for Palmer’s journalism skills, saying, “keke palmer asking kamala harris about her silk press is my kind of journalism!!”

Meanwhile, Twitter user @yungaccident had a different perspective, questioning if Harris really has a silk press or if her hair is naturally like that.

As Palmer mentioned, Queen Latifah has also impressed with her flawless silk press over the years. In 2018, she revealed her secret hairstylist, Iasia Merriweather, on social media, as reported by 21Ninety.

However, many Twitter users disagreed with Palmer’s comments about Vice President Harris and Queen Latifah competing in the silk press game.

Twitter user @mariamadashiell wrote, “Nobody’s silk press is close to Queen Latifah sorry lol never a hair out of place.”

Another user @_steponalego added, “Neck and neck with thee Queen on a silk press? No ma’am… nobody is touching Queen Latifah with the silk press!”

Lastly, Twitter user @__ndavis humorously commented on Palmer’s statement, saying, “YOU AND QUEEN LATIFAH GOING NECK AND NECK w/ THE SILK PRESS… she is so unserious.”


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