Lil Xan Announces His Sobriety in New Single “NODA”


Lil Xan is making a return to the music scene with the release of his latest single, “NODA” (Not On Drugs Anymore), as he reintroduces himself to his fans. This song marks a significant shift in Lil Xan’s music style and personal life since his break from the spotlight. Through “NODA,” Lil Xan reveals his newfound sobriety and demonstrates how his emo and mournful sound has evolved during his time away.


The rapper recently signed with CAA and is excited to establish a fresh connection with his fans. According to Lil Xan, “NODA” carries a universal message about personal growth and improvement by rejecting drugs, guns, and anything that brings negativity. He now encourages his fans to work towards a better society, which is a departure from his previous glorification of the “fast life.”

During his self-imposed musical hiatus, Lil Xan embarked on a healing journey, experiencing personal growth and maturity. By sharing his own journey, he aims to inspire and support others on their own paths. In his own words, he expresses, “Every darkness has its own bright. I’ve been someone who has been in dark places, I thought there was no possible way out of it. That it can only get worse but even if it does seem like it is getting worse, time heals all wounds. It sounds crazy, but you just might have to endure for a little bit, but just know things get better.”

“NODA” is produced by Kinfolk Jon X Purps and will be released under Xanarchy Militia Music, a newly formed joint venture label with Sony Music’s The Orchard. The single will officially be available on June 30th and will be promoted on various pop, rhythmic, and urban radio stations. Fans can also look forward to seeing Lil Xan perform “NODA” live on July 9th at 1720 in Los Angeles, California.

To listen to “NODA,” fans can find it on their preferred music streaming platforms.




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