Natalie Nunn Embraces Nicki Minaj Shoutout on Lil Uzi Track


Rapper Lil Uzi Vert’s Pink Tape project has finally been released, and one verse in his collaboration with Nicki Minaj is gaining attention for mentioning Natalie Nunn’s famous chin!

Natalie, the former star of Bad Girls Club, is welcoming the shoutout and embracing her international chin!

Nicki Minaj Pays Homage to Natalie Nunn’s Chin

The album premiered on Friday, just one day after Nicki announced Pink Friday 2, and the track “Endless Fashion” features the Natalie Nunn line.

In one part of Nicki’s verse, she says, “Even if my name was Natalie Nunn, these b**ches still couldn’t chin-check me.”

Twitter Reacts to the Natalie Nunn Line: “I Wish I Had a Big Chin”

Once the internet caught wind of the line, listeners couldn’t help but share their thoughts.

Many users found the reference funny and didn’t hesitate to quote it enthusiastically!

In response to the subject matter, a frequently-memed photo of Natalie Nunn exhaling hookah smoke was also shared — a tribute to the inspiration!

Users also imagined Natalie Nunn’s reaction upon hearing the line for the first time.

Another person commented, “Natalie is so lucky…. I wish I had a big chin.” This tweet caught Nicki’s attention, and she responded by telling the fan to “log off.”

Natalie Supports the Reference and Asks Nicki to Host Baddies Reunion

Natalie Nunn shared her thoughts, expressing her love for the track.

After acknowledging the song on her Instagram Story, she went on IG Live to thank Nicki for the shoutout.

She said, “This chin has been making noise for years. Shoutout to Nicki for the shoutout. I already told y’all this chin was, like, literally international. This chin has been making noise for years, and I love it here.”

Natalie also expressed her desire to be in the music video if Nicki decides to make one.

It’s worth noting that Natalie has previously made statements about her chin, declaring, “You can talk about my chin all day long. My chin makes millions — remember that.”

In addition to thanking Nicki and offering to appear in the music video, Natalie also asked Minaj to come host the Baddies reunion. She’s not afraid to bring ideas to the table!


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