The Game Acknowledges 50 Cent’s Writing Skills


One of the longstanding feuds in the world of Hip Hop involves former G-Unit comrades The Game and 50 Cent. The tension between the two rappers dates back almost twenty years when 50 Cent kicked The Game out of G-Unit.

Compton-raised artist The Game gained national recognition with the release of his debut album, “The Documentary,” in 2005. The album featured collaborations with 50 Cent on tracks such as “Westside Story,” “Hate It or Love It,” and “How We Do.”

For years, fans of Hip Hop speculated that The Game wrote verses for 50 Cent, including bars on the song “What Up Gangsta” from 50 Cent’s album “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.” The Game addressed these rumors in an interview with Amazon Music.

“I didn’t write ‘What Up Gangsta’ for 50. I was in there and part of the influence,” The Game admitted. “I call it like the way The Lox record music. Jada is writing his verse and Styles and Sheek is right there, and they’re like, ‘Nah, say that,’ and you throw it in there.”

Furthermore, The Game praised 50 Cent for his lyrical ability. The West Coast rapper stated, “Take nothing away from 50. 50 is a great writer, that’s what he does. Especially anything that’s melodic, so hooks are his specialty. His verses tell his story, so he isn’t faking.”

The Game clarified that neither he nor 50 Cent wrote for each other during their time together in G-Unit. However, The Game firmly believes that he is a better lyricist than 50 Cent. He said, “[He’s] better with melodies, hooks, that’s his thing. I’ll give him that… But as far as lyricism goes, he can’t compete with me on that level. But he knows.”


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