Killer Mike Criticizes Music Reviewer Anthony Fantano for Being an “Outsider” and “Colonizer”


Michael “Killer Mike” Render released his self-titled album, Michael, on June 16. Anthony Fantano reviewed the project on his YouTube channel, TheNeedleDrop.


Anthony Fantano gave Michael a score of 6/10. In his video review, Fantano accused Killer Mike of being a hypocrite for rapping about progressive politics while criticizing those who disagree with his politics for being poor.

“If you’re familiar with Killer Mike, you know he’s no stranger to expressing his political views. On previous records, I feel like that mostly worked in his favor,” said Fantano. “But on Michael, I’m kinda scratching my head because I feel like a lot of it isn’t fully lining up.”

Fantano later added, “Are you 12 years old? Are you literally a 12-year-old boy? If you took these lyrics and showed them to me and told me they were from some MAGA rapper on the internet, I would believe you.”

In addition, Anthony Fantano took issue with Killer Mike mentioning that he is a landlord on the “Spaceship Views” track featuring Curren$y, 2 Chainz, and Kaash Paige. The commentator also said, “Mike seems especially at odds with himself sometimes and it’s a little confusing.”

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One social media user called out Anthony Fantano for his critique of Michael and his 6/10 rating. The @da_yout_Idyllik Twitter account tagged Killer Mike and Fantano in a tweet defending Mike’s use of “braggadocious rap” on his new album.

“His opinion on a life and culture he cannot possibly understand is laughable and shows you the arrogance of the outsider or colonizer. I encourage everyone to listen and experience something special. #MICHAEL, a truly Black Southern American experience,” tweeted Killer Mike about Fantano.

Michael received a critics score of 79/100 on, indicating generally favorable reviews. Killer Mike’s sixth studio album debuted at No. 58 on the Billboard 200 chart. Michael also landed at No. 18 on the Billboard Top Rap Albums chart.

Previously, Killer Mike achieved a personal best on the Billboard 200 when his 2003 album, Monster, peaked at No. 10. He also reached No. 10 with his 2020 album, RTJ4, as part of the duo Run The Jewels with producer/rapper El-P. The duo has an average Metacritic score of 85/100, while Killer Mike himself has an average score of 81/100.



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