Introducing the Nike Mac Attack Retro for 2023


The Nike Mac Attack, originally created for John McEnroe in 1984, is set to make a comeback as a retro sneaker in 2023, according to insiders in the sneaker industry. It has been revealed that a collaboration with retailer Social Status is in the works and is expected to be launched in May 2023.

While Nike has not yet commented on the upcoming retro, and Social Status has declined to provide any details about the collaboration, there are no leaked images of the retro Mac Attack as of now. The images shown here depict the original versions of the shoe.

Although the Mac Attack is receiving a proper retro release next year, Nike has teased the idea of bringing the shoe back before. In early 2012, the brand released the Nike Manor, a retro design inspired by the Mac Attack but without the signature Swoosh. In recent years, there have been samples of Mac Attack retros circulating, indicating that Nike had plans for a retro release toward the end of the previous decade, but those plans were never executed.

More recently, some of Nike’s top endorsers have been spotted wearing vintage pairs of Mac Attacks, potentially to generate excitement for the eventual return of the model. LeBron James, for instance, wore Mac Attacks in January 2021, featuring a unique grass-specific sole. James acquired a size 15 pair from collector Jon Migdal, which were then returned to Migdal after loaning them out.

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