Roy Jones Vs NDO Champ Fight Ends In A Massive Fiasco


The trend of boxing exhibitions continues, but we can only hope it comes to an end soon. Tonight, Roy Jones Jr. stepped into the ring against NDO Champ, a 240-pound bodybuilder. NDO may have a strong physique, but his boxing skills are limited compared to Roy, who is a hall-of-fame boxer. People were curious to see if the younger man could defeat the former pound-for-pound world champion. Keep reading!

This fight was supposed to be historic as it took place in a virtual ring using advanced technology. However, the fight itself was far from historic. It was a pay-per-view event that cost $19.99, and the disappointment from watching it was undeniable. Keep reading!


Unfortunately, this exhibition turned into a circus. It was disheartening to see Roy Jones, once an untouchable and brilliant boxer, stoop to this level. The visuals of the metaverse, where the fight took place, looked cartoonish and outdated. The presence of a fake audience, complete with canned cheers, further detracted from the experience. Additionally, the fight ended in a premature stoppage. Roy landed a quick flurry of punches that seemed incredibly light, and NDO was in no danger at all. It’s worth noting that the “referee” for the fight was Montell Griffin, who had previously been involved in another controversial fight against Roy. Instead of explaining his decision for the stoppage, Griffin immediately started promoting a new fight against Roy. This whole situation was a disgrace. Keep reading!


Does anyone remember the exhibition between Roy Jones and Mike Tyson a couple of years ago? That event generated significant interest as it felt like a competitive fight between older fighters. In contrast, the recent exhibition between Roy and NDO was an embarrassingly one-sided affair. It should never have happened. Keep reading!


Despite our involvement in promoting this event, it was clear that NDO felt disappointed with the outcome, and rightfully so.

Watch the video below for more details:



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