Mozzy Detained After Shooting Incident at Kansas Club


Rapper Mozzy was present at an after-party at City Nightz, a club in Wichita, Kansas, where gunfire broke out. The shooting occurred after Mozzy’s performance at a nearby club. Seven individuals were shot during the incident, with injuries ranging from minor bullet grazes to serious gunshot wounds. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported.


TMZ reports that Mozzy was briefly detained by local police on Saturday night (July 1) but was not arrested or charged. The police detained him during a traffic stop as they tried to secure the scene. Authorities believe that a member of Mozzy’s entourage, who was in the same car as the rapper, is responsible for the shooting. The individual was taken into custody, though the specific charges remain unclear.

A graphic video circulating online shows blood splattered on the sidewalk. In the background, a woman can be heard saying, “Never again.” The video also captures a scuffle breaking out inside the club before shots are fired. Mozzy and his crew are seen being stopped and ordered out of their car at another point in the footage.


Mozzy was fortunate to avoid direct involvement in the incident. Despite being handcuffed, he was released without further action. The 36-year-old artist has had previous encounters with the law. Between 2005 and 2008, Mozzy was arrested three times by the Sacramento Police for possession crimes, including illegal possession of a firearm and evading police. In 2014, he was arrested again and served time in San Quentin State Prison.

After his release, Mozzy decided to focus exclusively on his music, although he was prohibited from leaving California until 2017 due to his probation. In July 2018, he was arrested for gun possession during a traffic stop in Las Vegas. Four years later, he pleaded guilty to possessing a firearm as a convicted felon and received a one-year prison sentence, along with a $55,000 fine. He completed his sentence at USP Atwater and was released in May after ten months.


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