Birdman Presses Druski Over Coulda Been Records


Birdman lastly addressed Druski’s Coulda Been Records. Over the previous few years, Druski’s fake document label, which seemingly takes cues from Cash Money Records, offered us with wild viral clips and infinite laughter because the comic embodies the function of a sleazy document government. However, it’s arduous to disclaim that Druski’s taken inspiration from Birdman for this character. Unfortunately, Baby didn’t discover it flattering one bit and at last appeared on Druski’s Instagram Live present, leaving the comic shook. “I’ve been looking for you, n***a,” Birdman instructed a visibly rattled Druski.

“I heard you was in my neck of the woods, right? I didn’t think it would be gangsta if I pulled up on you right? So, I said – you know I got a few b*tches that are steppers, right?” he continued. That’s when Druski defined that he’s labored with Drake and NBA Youngboy.. “It’s like you trying to step on my toes. You lil young n***as got the game f*cked up, n****. I am that n****, n***a. I’m watching this shit that you doin’. What the fuck is this record label you starting? How the fuck you doin’ this sh*t without the mothaf*ckin’ –,” he added. 

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Cash Money Vs. Coulda Been Records

At this level, Druski tried to elucidate himself, including that he’d prefer to work with Lil Wayne sooner or later. However, when Druski talked about that he tried to trademark Coulda Been Records, tensions flared, as soon as once more. “Put some respek on my name. You playin’ with that f*cking record label. Coulda Been Records – that sounds like CMB,” Birdman continued. “How the f*ck can you trademark that? How can you trademark something that a n***a been working 35-36, blood money — …. I’m confused, bruh,” he stated.

Overall, Birdman stated that he has blended emotions in direction of Druski’s Coulda Been Ventures. “First of all, I like what you doing but I don’t like what you doin’ ‘cause you f*ckin’ with fire. You f*ckin’ with real gangsta sh*t,” he stated. Druski then gave a shout out to Ms. Gladys earlier than explaining that he was attempting to get his cash up earlier than reaching out to Birdman. Fortunately, the considered cash was attractive and led Birdman to a enterprise proposal for Druski.

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Birdman’s Proposal

Instead of sending a stop and desist, as he allegedly as soon as did to Jay-Z, Birdman said that he would reasonably go into enterprise. “I got a proposition for you. I’m watchin’ what you doin’ and I like what you doin’. You done came up! And you got this sh*t all on TV. How about you keep running this sh*t and I buy your sh*t into my sh*t and we become one and I help you become a mega star with your fake a** label you’re running around with,” he stated. “I got unlimited amount of money.”

“I don’t do all this fake ass internet IG sh*t. I’m not an internet gangsta,” he stated. “I’m watchin’ this sh*t. I study the game. I’m like ‘Let me call this lil fake ass sh*t this n***a doin’ out and holla at him, and just look, make a proposition to youngin’, and let’s see how we could do it.” Birdman additionally stated that he had points with Kevin Hart and it looks as if that extends to the entire comedians. “Nah, all y’all comedy n***as together. I ain’t duckin’ nothin’,” he added earlier than hanging up. Check out the clip above. 

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