Marcus Jordan Says Marrying Larsa Pippen Is A ‘Possibility’


Ahead of Michael Jordan‘s public disapproval of his relationship life, Marcus Jordan revealed marrying Larsa Pippen stays a “possibility.”

The couple spoke with Entertainment Tonight concerning the evolution of their romance and the place they stand now. According to ET, the interview came about “days before” MJ’s stance turned identified.

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At the time, Marcus confirmed that his relationship with Larsa is “serious,” from holidays collectively to current conversations on marriage and youngsters.

“I think we’re in a more serious phase, but there’s still that honeymoon-level attraction there. We still enjoy spending a lot of time together and making sure we keep each other in the loop with what’s going on in our independent lives,” Marcus mentioned through the 14-minute sitdown.

Marcus Jordan Says MJ Gave His ‘Stamp Of Approval’ On Larsa Pippen

The pair–primarily Marcus– affirmed Larsa’s claims earlier this yr that their households approve of their relationship.

“We spent Thanksgiving together last year, and my family loves her. They think she’s great, and ultimately, I think my family just wants to see me happy. And so as long as I’m happy, they’re happy with whoever I’m dating,” Marcus Jordan mentioned about six-and-a-half minutes in.

Larsa added that it’s “been a fun journey” for them. And just a few seconds later, Marcus revealed that there was some “shock and interest” when the relationship rumors began final yr.

“Everybody had an opinion at first. I think there was some shock and interest early on, but I think that was the whole point of us trying to spend some family time together during the holidays. At least for me, if we’re to be in the media, I kinda need to introduce you to my mom and my mom’s side and my dad’s side, etc., and so I think that went well and so far, so good,” Marcus mentioned.

At the 7:15 mark, the interview requested if Marcus obtained “the Michael Jordan stamp of approval on Larsa.” Marcus Jordan replied, “Yeah, oh yeah” with a seemingly playful snigger.

But earlier this week, Michael Jordan advised a number of media reps in Paris that he does NOT approve of the romance. When a reporter requested what he thinks of Larsa and Marcus collectively, MJ first laughed. When the identical reporter pushed, asking if MJ approves, the NBA champ shouted “no” and likewise shook his head no.

Marcus Jordan Talks Marriage & Having Kids With Larsa Pippen

It’s unclear if MJ’s opinion of their romance lately modified or whether or not it’s simply the primary time he’s expressed his disapproval.

However, the Real Housewives of Miami star and her man are reportedly not letting Michael’s public slam section them. In truth, according to a source who spoke to US Magazine, the couple allegedly plans “to handle Michael this week on their podcast Separation Anxiety.

Meanwhile, within the interview previous to MJ’s slam, Marcus and Larsa highlighted simply how “serious” their relationship is. In addition to assembly one another’s households and doing holidays, enterprise offers, and occasions collectively, conversations about marriage and youngsters are taking place.

“I feel like it’s basically Marcus’ decision on if he wants to have kids. I feel like I’m great, but if you wanted to have children, then maybe,” Larsa mentioned motioning towards Marcus. She added, “I would never want him to miss out on that cause I feel like I love my kids so much and there’s not like a more love there.”

The couple additionally publicly mentioned their curiosity in increasing their household of their podcast episode “In the Name of Love and Babies on The Brain.”

As for marriage, Marcus advised the ET interview he’s hopeful they’ll tie the knot sooner or later.

“Hopefully. I think that’s not out of the realm of possibility,” Marcus mentioned. Larsa instantly added, “I think so.”

And Marcus says he “already know[s]” what sort of diamond Larsa would really like for an engagement ring. He declared, “It’s gotta be huge.”

“We’ve got the same taste. I like expensive things, and she likes even more expensive things,” he mentioned.


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