Video From Britney Spears Alleged Slap Released


The sports activities and music worlds have been caught up in a wild saga in latest days after a safety guard employed by the San Antonio Spurs allegedly slapped Britney Spears. According to Spears, she had approached NBA rookie Victor Wembanyama on the ARIA Hotel with a view to try to get an image with him. However, after tapping him on the shoulder, she was reportedly backhanded throughout the face by Damian Smith, the Spurs’ Director of Team Security. Additionally, a witness claimed to corroborate Spears’ story but in addition added that she was behaving considerably erratically. According to Brian Grajales, Spears was talking in a British accent whereas approaching Wembanyama. Furthermore, she screamed “That’s America for you! Fuck you all!” after Wembanyama was ushered contained in the restaurant.

Spears later filed a police report, which legislation enforcement was reportedly treating as a “criminal investigation.” Meanwhile, each Spears and Wembanyama made contrasting statements concerning the incident. Wembanyama claimed he had been grabbed from behind and solely noticed Smith push somebody away. Furthermore, Wembanyama claimed that he had not been informed it was Spears till a number of hours after the incident. However, Spears refuted most of his assertion, saying she had solely tapped him on the shoulder. Furthermore, Spears demanded apologies from Wembanyama, Smith, and the Spurs. Despite this, police in Las Vegas declined to file any costs within the case.

Video Reveals True Nature of Spears-Wembanyama Incident

The video, launched by TMZ, corroborates some components of the accounts of each events whereas refuting different particulars. First, the element that Spears was talking in a British accent does look like actual. She will be heard attempting to catch Victor Wembanyama’s consideration by repeatedly yelling “sir” after him. Furthermore, she will also be heard yelling, nonetheless with a British accent, “That’s America for you! Fuck you all!” after the incident occurred. Additionally, the video seems to help Spears’ declare that she solely tapped Wembanyama on the shoulder.

However, the video additionally makes it clear why costs weren’t filed within the incident. Most importantly, Smith didn’t straight or deliberately slap Spears as claimed. Instead, Smith seems to knock Spears’ hand away from Wembanyama’s again. As a outcome, both his arm or her hand makes incidental contact together with her face. However, it will be dishonest to name it a “backhand”. Furthermore, Spears was not knocked to the bottom as she initially claimed. Additionally, Wembanyama was not being “swarmed” by followers on the time of the incident. At the second Spears approached, there was three or 4 crew personnel strolling beside Wembanyama. However, the video makes it clear that there was no intentional malice and that the experiences that Spears had been straight “slapped” had been at greatest, exaggerated.



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