Adam 22 Explains The Basics Of Sex Work To Kai Cenat


To catch you up on the Lena the Plug “drama”, the OnlyFans creator did her first scene with a male performer aside from her husband. Lena’s husband, No Jumper founder Adam “Adam 22” Grandmaison, has explicitly mentioned he was fantastic and inspiring of this scene. Furthermore, that is an extremely widespread a part of the on-camera intercourse work business. Some {couples} solely movie solely with one another, different {couples} will work with exterior performers. Again, this is quite common and really regular if you realize actually something about how the porn business works.

Except, as a result of we stay in a puritanical hellscape that intrinsically hates intercourse employees, folks bought tremendous bizarre about this. People have been “clowning” on Grandmaison for, if I’ve this proper, supporting his spouse’s profession selections. “Kinda weird how calling me a cuck is supposed to offend me. I saw the video of my wife getting plowed and I thought it was pretty hot! If that makes me a cuck, so be it!” Grandmaison wrote on Twitter amidst the peak of individuals being very bizarre about this very regular factor. And now after all, as a result of there may be “drama” afoot and clout to be chased, Kai Cenat is getting in on the motion.

Cenat Calls Adam 22 On Stream

Cenat took a second to name Grandmaison throughout a current stream. “YOU, YOU JUST HAD A BBC N***A FUCK YOUR BITCH, BRAH,” Cenat started, actually screaming down the telephone at Grandmaison. Grandmaison, cool as you want, calmly defined the state of affairs to Cenat. “Nah nah, that was just work, cuz.” Cenat, both genuinely ignorant on what Grandmaison’s spouse does for a dwelling or enjoying his response up for the digicam, screamed “YOU SAY WHAT?” Grandmaison, nonetheless extremely skilled, clarified “That was just work. A day at work, ya know?”

Cenat continued to yell, asking “SO YOU NOT AFFECTED BY THIS SHIT?” to which Grandmaison responded, “Hell no. It’s like the best thing that ever happened to us. I’m having a time of it bro.” This response causes Cenat to drag a face at his telephone earlier than asking “Deadass?” Grandmaison continues to deal with the state of affairs splendidly, saying, “Yeah man, we’re going cr*zy right now. I had no idea that people would be going so… We only had to turn the dial just a little bit, get a little freakier than we usually do. And now everybody’s enchanted by our relationship.” Kudos to Grandmaison on his response and possibly, simply possibly, his response to all of this may assist reduce the stigma in direction of intercourse work within the United States.



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