Wack 100 Calls Rich Homie Quan A “Rat”


It’s protected to say that Wack 100 will not be a fan of Rich Homie Quan. Quan is in a whole lot of sizzling water proper now over leaked audio that seems to verify that he snitched on Young Thug. Of course, now Young Thug is on trial within the YSL RICO case and could possibly be dealing with some critical jail time. What’s worse, Quan’s supervisor addressed the leaked audio, with lots of people seeing his response as “confirmation” that Quan ratted out Thug.

Now Wack 100 likes to hold himself related and concerned with all the most recent business drama. He not too long ago beefed with Gunna, one other determine prominently accused of snitching. Furthermore, he has inserted himself into the YNW Melly case. However, now he’s taken to overtly calling out Quan a rat whereas doing the podcast circuit.

Wack 100 Blasts Rich Homie Quan

“Rich Homie, listen man, I’m changing,” Wack started whereas talking on No Jumper. “But you a rat bastard. I ain’t change yet motherfucker. You a rat. Dirty rat, master splinter bastard. Your ass was in there for no apparent reason. You told you snitched. You told again he was….He was hating on Thug, yeah after lifestyle when they all did that record. Thug kept climbing. His shit teetered out.”

However, not everybody was on board with Wack’s assertions. “Y’all Gotta Stop Saying “Master Splinter “ Because He Was Real One , Took Care Of His Family , Raised The Turtles 🐢 As His Own , Always Be Honest And Solid And Always Got Down When It Was Time For Him To Smash Something With His Sons ! ….. Just Because Splinter Was A Rat Doesn’t Mean He Was A RAT! So Yall Gotta Change That Saying 💯…. Respect ✊🏾 To The OG Wack Tho …I’m Just Saying In General That Term Gotta Get Changed Cuz Splinter Was A SOLID DUDE 💯,” One particular person argued within the feedback. “1) Wack career is based off gossiping in the same fashion RHQ was but RHQ ain’t know he was getting recorded
2)RHQ was cool with Nut along with most of ATL he ain’t fall out from jealousy there was principal behind it and ima major YSL fan
3)RHQ was never known for banging but was known to kick in doors so ion see how people can say he was never “street”,” added one other.



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