Yung Miami And Southside Appear In Studio Together


Yung Miami and Southside co-parent their two-year-old daughter Summer. It’s a serious change from the once-rocky relationship that always made headlines. Recently Southside revealed what their key to efficiently co-parenting was. “The key to a cordial co-parenting relationship is just no sex,” he defined. “You cannot have sex with your baby mommas. You can’t have … I got a girlfriend too, so you can’t have sex with your baby mommas with a girlfriend,” the producer advised Bootleg Kev in May.

Obviously, that quote proved a little bit contentious, as one in every of his child mamas later referred to as him a deadbeat dad. ““Times have been hard for us this year with maintaining bills and putting food on the table,” she wrote on the time. “My son’s father is a wealthy producer named Southside 808mafia who refuses to send support payments for his 7 year old son. He knows this is his son and has stopped supporting since I am seeking child support through the courts because he IS NOT consistent with helping his son with his half,” a girl named Ashley claimed in a GoFundMe. Regardless, it seems that his co-parenting goes effectively sufficient with Yung Miami that they’re working collectively.

Yung Miami And Southside In Studio

Images and movies posted to their respective Instagram tales appeared to verify that Yung Miami and Southside have been working collectively. Both events appeared to put up from the identical recording studio. Furthermore, Southside added the caption “Still locked in no days off.” This doubtless factors to the pair working collectively on new music. However, it may be as innocuous as a co-parenting association with Summer. This may particularly be the case given Southside’s caption. Perhaps he has been busy with work as of late.

However, it’s unclear if this can be a solo undertaking or associated to The City Girls album that Miami has stated is coming later this summer time. The group hasn’t launched an album since 2020’s Girls On Lock, which peaked at #29 on the charts. However, they’ve launched a trio of singles forward of the album launch. “Act Bad” with Diddy and Fabolous, “I Need A Thug”, and “Piñata” all didn’t chart. Furthermore, individuals have been barely confused why shops have been making an enormous deal concerning the photographs. “Well… he’s a producer, she’s a rapper so them being in studio is normal. Then they have a kid together so them being around each other ain’t really a surprise either 😂,” wrote on particular person.



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