Coca Vango Responds To Cheating Speculation


Coca Vango is addressing hypothesis after a podcast clip left social media customers believing he cheated on his fiancée, LightSkinKeisha.

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The Couple’s Viral Podcast Clip

Over the weekend, a month-old clip surfaced from the couple’s podcast, Bold Face Truth. In the clip, Vango mentioned the subject of dishonest together with his associate and co-host LightSkinKeisha.

“You not gon leave me if I cheat on you.”

Vango advised his fiancée.

To which she strongly responded.

“You’re stupid! You’re stupid! You’re stupid!…”

As he continued to reiterate.

“You’re not… You’re not… You’re not…”

LightSkinKeisha then advised Vango that he was “crazy,” to which he responded.

“I’ve been with you too long.”

Keisha then repeatedly urged Coca Vango to “try it.” Then posed a query to him, asking if he would cheat on her and if he wished to.

“I don’t want to cheat on you, but you’re not leaving me if I cheat on you.”

Vango firmly responded, then added that he’s “spent too much money” on Keisha.

However, this didn’t section Keisha.

“I don’t give a damn, that’s your problem. Cause guess what, I’m not even gon — Let me tell you something, you cheat [and] I’m not finna be on some ‘rah-rah.’ I’m going to be so playa about the s**t… I’m not doing none of that crazy s**t…”

Keisha defined that she would “literally leave in the middle of the night like a thief in the night.” She continued by explaining that if her associate cheated on her, he would come dwelling sooner or later to see all her belongings gone.

Additionally, she defined that he would by no means hear from her once more.

The clip then cuts to Keisha asking Vango if he has a aspect chick, to which he blankly stares at her. Eventually, he denies the query, prompting Keisha to elucidate that his earlier feedback seemed like he was “talking from experience.”

Social Media Reacts

The resurfaced clip shared by The Shade Room prompted a plethora of Instagram customers to share their ideas within the post’s comment section. One person addressed Vango’s feedback about spending cash on Keisha.

“‘ I spent too much money ‘ Niggas be thinking money fix everything, I rather be poor and sleep in a tent than go through adultery any day.”

While one other person, @fitwitbritt504, talked about his “playing in her face.”

“The fact that he Even playin in her face like that is sooooo disrespectful.”

A 3rd person, @thepeetes_, addressed his feedback about Keisha not leaving her for stepping out.

“No man should feel that confident that his woman won’t leave. That’s pride and ego. The downfall of any relationship.”

While a fourth person, @hair_by_knani, acknowledged the “red flags.”

“The red flags are flagging 🚩🚩🚩”

On Twitter, one person’s thought went viral together with the clip.

“He look like he cheated already and just finding out she not going for it. I can see the realization happening on his face. He praying she doesn’t find out…”

Coca Vango Responds To Social Media User’s Thoughts

Vango just lately took to Instagram Live to deal with social media customers’ feedback concerning the viral clip. He defined that the dialog was simply “a discussion” and “doesn’t mean nothing.”

He continued by explaining that Keisha is “bigger than” him and he wouldn’t do something to disrespect her, jokingly implying it could trigger violence of their relationship.

“I don’t play with my girl like that ’cause she might got damn beat my a**…”

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