Lil Wayne Says JAY-Z Inspired Him To Stop Writing His Lyrics


Lil Wayne says that he selected to cease writing down his lyrics after he realized that JAY-Z had achieved the identical. He recalled the choice throughout a latest interview on The Pivot podcast.

“The moment I heard it, I stopped. You can ask them,” Wayne stated, confirming the final time he ever wrote down his lyrics. The comment introduced with it jokes from followers on social media. One Instagram consumer commented: “Sounds about right… Music been trash since 2008.” Another wrote: “The amount of terrible rap we’ve gotten since this became public knowledge is ridiculous i directly correlate this thinking to the decline of hip-hop.”

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Lil Wayne Performs At Lil WeezyAna

NEW ORLEANS, LA – AUGUST 25: Lil Wayne performs throughout Lil WeezyAna at Champions Square on August 25, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

JAY-Z truly joked about inspiring “a generation of bad writers” throughout an interview with MTV News relating to his course of again in 2007. Despite selecting to not write, he nonetheless revealed that he had just lately suggested one in all his nephews to put in writing as a lot as attainable, explaining that he had merely gotten within the behavior of not writing. “My process is different now,” he stated on the time. “It sounds great on paper, like ‘I’mma sit down, I’m going to write the entire album like I did before.’ But once you get back in the studio and you’ve been doing this process for years and years now, so it just felt natural to do it the way I’ve been doing it: no paper, no pen, just listen to the music.”

Lil Wayne On Not Writing His Lyrics

It’s not the primary time Wayne has revealed that he adopted swimsuit in JAY-Z’s method. He additionally mentioned the choice throughout an interview on the I Am Athlete podcast final 12 months. He stated on the time: “At like 16 or 17, I made a choice that I’m about to stop writing. Like, I’m about to stop writing my sh*t out. I had too many [thoughts coming at once]… that’s when that really started happening. I told you, I deal with that… the words keep popping up in my damn head, and that’s when it really started happening, becoming a headache, a real problem. That’s when I said, I’m not about to write no more.”

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