Kelly Rowland Speaks On Lingering ‘Trauma’ After Sony Ax


From her Destiny’s Child days to her solo period and past, Kelly Rowland is reflecting on a few of the setbacks she confronted all through her profession.

Specifically, the “Kisses Down Low” songstress is dishing on how skilled selections jeopardized her childhood friendships and the way her notorious state of affairs with Sony “really did a number.”

Kelly Says The Destiny’s Child Shake-Up Was A “Heartbreaking” Look At “Potential Failure”

The matter arose throughout a latest sit-down on Yeah, I F*cked That Up. As this podcast is all about having celebrities relay “stories of failure, f*ck-ups, and redemption,” Rowland actually understood the project.

Starting with the earliest days of her profession, Kelly acknowledged how “heartbreaking” it was to see her natural childhood friendships be “tainted” by stardom, as LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett have been booted from the group in 2000 and changed with Michelle Williams and — briefly — Farrah Franklin.

Regarding Destiny’s Child’s “transformation,” Kelly confirmed that the shake-up was the group’s “first look at potential failure,” within the phrases of host Billy Mann.

“It was heartbreaking because you gotta remember, with LeToya and LaTavia, we were friends. Like, I met LaTavia [in] elementary school. She came over to my house, and she heard me singing with Barbies in my closet.”

Kelly summarized the state of affairs by stating, “Here’s a friendship that came together organically being shown to the rest of the world, and then that being tarnished with however everything happened.”

To prime every thing off, the general public nature of Destiny’s Child’s shake-up additionally took its toll, as she felt as if “everyone was watching the ship go down.”

“That was hard because people also saw it. It was public, and we just wanted to fix it. And it was humiliating, and it did feel like everyone was watching the ship go down. … That was hard, and we were so young.”

Kelly Rowland Acknowledges Sony Trying To “Devalue” Her

While some “tarnished” friendships have been a street bump in her Destiny’s Child days, Kelly Rowland additionally addressed one other important blow she confronted as soon as she launched into a profitable solo profession.

From making hits like “Dilemma” and “Like This” to killin’ her function function on Trina‘s “Here We Go,” Kelly put in work as a solo artist within the 2000s.

As a end result, she shared that Sony Music Entertainment saying she would “no longer be recording with Columbia Records as a solo artist” caught her off guard.

“It was the way Sony let me go that really did a number on me. I was really f*cking p*ssed. So mad that I cursed. … I saw it on the internet—it spread like wildfire. It said something like, ‘Kelly Rowland is no longer a viable artist’ or something like that. I was like, ‘What the f**k does that mean?’”

Kelly Rowland additionally famous that she had been with Sony since she was an adolescent and “[doesn’t] remember anyone from the company calling” to precise their regrets.

As a end result, the ordeal left her in “a trauma space that [she] still need[s] to do some tapping on.”

“I definitely felt like I didn’t have any value. … [They] tried to humiliate me and devalue me, and that did not stick very well.”

She then proclaimed, “It was probably one of the most hurtful moments of my life. For sure.”

Nonetheless, Kelly identified that she was glad to see fellow artists stick by her within the aftermath.

“I thought that people wouldn’t wanna work with me. I thought the industry didn’t wanna have anything to do with me. And that wasn’t the case at all.”


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