Chrisean Rock At The Center Of Dug Up Woah Vicky TikTok Live


There’s been a LOT of drama surrounding Woah Vichy recently. She went on Baddies East and caused quite a stir, eventually ending up in a fight with Chrisean Rock. and others. Thought she claims that was never her intention when she agreed to be on the show, a new TikTok live video may have evidence otherwise. Fans online dug up a clip from August that sees Vicky taking a very different tone.

In the clip, one of Vicky’s friend sort of takes over her live repeatedly calling out Chrisean and asking where she in. In her defense, Vicky’s friend does repeatedly say that Vicky herself won’t fight, but her intentions are clear. “Yall see what Woah Vicky homegirl said about Chrisean child on live ??? istg a b*tch a have to DIE about mine, cause NONE about it” read the tweet that popularized the video overnight. Check out the clip and some of the fan reactions to it below.

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Old Woah Vicky Live Talks About Chrisean Rock

The fights on Baddies East didn’t just involve Vicky and Chrisean. Chrisean’s sister Tesehki and Natalie Nunn were also involved. The drama boiled over from numerous long-standing beefs and public statements all coming together in one place. At least in the fight with Vicky, Tesehki was praised by many for her attempts to de-escalate the situation. That wasn’t the case in the fight with Nunn where nobody involved really did much of any de-escalation.

Overnight, Chrisean Rock made an appearance at a Sexyy Red show. She didn’t come just to watch though. To a sea of cheering fans she performed her Blueface diss track. The song itself is already at the center of a lot of drama as it’s written by Lil Mabu who many believe is Chrisean’s new man. Afterwards Chrisean took to twitter to share video of the event and hype Sexyy Red up as a “real one.” She also thanked the fans and the city they were performing in, adding another tweet that read “Thanks Baltimore so much loveeee.” What do you think of the newly emerging video of Woah Vicky and her friend talking about Chrisean? Let us know in the comment section below.

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