DJ Akademiks Clowns DJ Envy For Alleged Fraud Scheme: “He Can’t Even Read”


DJ Envy’s alleged fraud scheme is getting him into a lot of trouble these days, both with his fellow hip-hop commentators and with the law. Moreover, DJ Akademiks is the latest rap media personality to comment on The Breakfast Club co-host’s supposed involvement in a real estate Ponzi scheme. Not only did his alleged associate Cesar Pena recently fall under police custody, but authorities charged both for fraud-related crimes. No matter how you slice it, clearly things aren’t looking very good for Envy or his assumed business partners in all this. As such, Ak blasted him on Thursday (October 19) and wondered why people would ever trust someone like him- in his opinion- with any amount of cash.

“How do you let DJ Envy affect your financial decisions?” DJ Akademiks remarked. “Half the time I’m listening to The Breakfast Club, these n***as even can’t read what’s on the f***in’ paper. No disrespect to none of those people up there. I really like them. But these n***as can barely read what’s on the f***in’ Rumor Report. You think I’m giving them a million dollars? F**k no, man. You cr*zy as hell.

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DJ Akademiks Unleashes On DJ Envy & His Alleged Fraud Victims

“These n***as can’t pronounce s**t, can’t read,” DJ Akademiks continued. “And I’m giving- nah, hell no! You bring some n***a who’s diabetic on here. The n***a got 10X T-Shirts, thinking it’s 2003. The n***a wearing Timbs, and the Timbs look like they’re squealing ‘Help me!’ Like, Jesus Christ! You gave that n***a $800,000?

“It took you 20 years to get it, you gave it to him in 20 minutes?” he concluded. “You might be the dummy! I’m sorry! You might be the dummy. That’s who I’m talking about, a ‘Donkey of the Day.’ I can’t feel too bad for you. Like, come on, bro. I ain’t gonna say I’m beyond getting got. But if you gonna get me, you gonna sound a lot smarter than me.” For more news and the latest updates on DJ Akademiks and DJ Envy, stay logged into HNHH.

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