NBA YoungBoy Celebrates Birthday With Push-Up Challenge: Watch


Happy 24th birthday to NBA YoungBoy, who is celebrating two dozen trips around the sun today (Friday, October 20). Moreover, it seems like he’s in a much more low-key place right now following an alleged back-and-forth between him and Drake a couple of weeks ago. However, YB isn’t letting his special day distract him from his grind, which in this case, refers to his physique. In order to celebrate his birthday to the fullest, he posted a video of him doing 24 push-ups to commemorate the occasion and prove his worth to move onto 25 next year. Unfortunately, the Baton Rouge MC might need a little more time in the gym if he wants to do that.

Furthermore, YoungBoy got to number eight and took a brief break, stretching out his back a little. The person recording him remarked that he was a third of the way through, and he kept on going. Alas, the now-24-year-old was only able to make it to twenty push-ups before calling it quits, much to the amusement of his spectators. What’s more is that isn’t even the funniest part of the clip. Rather, it’s his chains clinking with every descent; hopefully they didn’t get too scratched up.

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NBA YoungBoy Celebrates 24th Birthday With 24 (Attempted) Push-Ups

Regardless of these antics, YoungBoy fans are looking forward to what could be next on the agenda for him, especially around his special day. When he’s not making thinly-veiled threats on IG, he’s usually in the studio, as everyone in the hip-hop game familiar with him knows that his prolific release tendencies know no bounds. On that note, it’s relatively quiet on that front for the “Heard Of Me” hitmaker, but we’re sure that won’t last for long. After all, he already dropped three projects this year; a fourth would come to no one’s surprise.

Meanwhile, all we can surely hope for is that the Never Broke Again spitter enjoys his 24th birthday. Whether new music comes soon is another story, and one we’d happily patient for. There must be so many fans who still have to go back to his older or newer catalog, so some time to do so would be appreciated. Also, all that extra time means that YB could sharpen his strength for his 25th birthday push-up challenge. For more news and the latest updates on YoungBoy, stick around on HNHH.

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