Chief Keef Got “Thrown In The Garbage,” O-Block J Hood Recalls


During a recent interview with Cam Capone News, O-Block’s J Hood recalled a time when Chief Keef allegedly got “put to sleep” by THF Bruh Bruh. According to him, Bruh Bruh snuck up behind the rapper, and was eventually able to get a grip around his neck. Despite Chief Keef’s size, J Hood says that Bruh Bruh was strong enough to then “throw him in the garbage.”

“Bro I was scared of Bruh,” J Hood explained. He also revealed that he would hate for the same to happen to him. J Hood says that he was worried that the situation could escalate, resulting in a far more tragic fate for him than the bottom of a dumpster. “See, me? I’ll put my self out, ‘aye bro, I’m scared of you bro. Please don’t do that to me.'”

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J Hood Says He Was “Scared” Of THF Bruh Bruh

“Bro you might try to put me to sleep, but what if I die?” he continued. “That’s what I was scared of.” According to J Hood, Chief Keef getting “thrown in the garbage” was one of the “wildest” things he’s ever witnessed. This wasn’t the only unexpected revelation J Hood has made recently, however. During his interview with No Jumper over the summer, he also spoke on YNW Melly’s ongoing double murder trial, revealing why he believes the rapper should be found guilty.

J Hood claimed that ahead of his 2020 passing, King Von told him that Melly did allegedly murder his two friends. He added that he thinks Melly should go to prison as a consequence for his alleged actions. What do you think of Chief Keef allegedly getting tossed into a dumpster by THF Bruh Bruh? Do you believe J Hood’s wild story? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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