Halle Bailey’s “Baby Bump” Missing From Latest IG Post As Fans Continue To Speculate


Halle Bailey’s fanbase has been waiting for the “Angel” songstress to make a major announcement – one that has nothing to do with her career – for some time now. Since fall began, people have been speculating about a potential pregnancy between her and DDG, though neither party has offered any sort of confirmation. Despite her silence, Bailey’s clothing choices have been speaking volumes as of late. Virtually every dress she’s worn for a red carpet or public event has shielded her midsection. Of course, there are also the new photos of the 23-year-old and her beau going to a meeting in Santa Monica, wearing an unusual amount of layers considering the heat.

Those images left many sure that Bailey had a budding belly growing on her midsection. However, on Saturday (October 21), the multi-talent posted a new photo dump that has many people retracting their speculation about her being with child. “I’m so deep in my bag like a grandma with a peppermint 🤣❣️🎶,” she wrote, flexing the successful year she’s having so far with a playful twist.

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Halle Bailey Shocks Her Instagram Followers

For her photo shoot, Bailey wore jeans with a unique twist, a classic white tank, and knee-high brown boots. This look felt far more appropriate for the warm fall weather than her oversized sweater, but who are we to judge? In the comments, some are speculating that the Disney star is posting old photos to throw people off her scent. Elsewhere, others are encouraging people to drop the topic entirely and let Bailey speak her truth when she feels ready.

Despite the fact that neither Halle Bailey nor DDG have confirmed that they’re expecting their first child, Nick Cannon is already welcoming the latter to the “baby daddy gang.” Read everything that the media personality had to say to the YouTuber at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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