Jake Paul Hits Out At KSI With Brutal Forehead Joke


Jake Paul has gone after KSI, posting about the YouTuber on his Instagram story. “Mf needs to make an appeal with god for the genetics he got,” Paul wrote alongside an edited picture of KSI with a pronounced forehead alongside a deformed skull. The joke is based on the fact that KSI already has a fairly pronounced forehead.

The pair have been feuding on and off for a couple years now. Paul has labeled KSI a copycat in recent weeks, suggesting he only fought Tommy Fury because Paul did so first. Furthermore, KSI is considered a potential opponent for Paul after the latter announced that he was preparing to fight an unnamed fighter on December 15. Another possible contender is Tommy Fury. However, Nate Diaz has come out and is very eager to rematch Paul.

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KSI Challenges Fury Result

Meanwhile, KSI has formally filed an appeal into the result of his fight against Tommy Fury last weekend. “JJ has instructed a King’s Counsel who advised the PBA yesterday that he would be appealing the result of the fight. For obvious reasons, we will not get into the specifics of the appeal publicly and allow the process to play out in accordance with PBA rules,” Misfits Boxing owner Mams Taylor wrote on social media.

The YouTuber has been vocally unhappy about the fight ever since he fell to Fury. Their hyped fight ended in an underwhelming majority decision verdict that often featured more grappling than punching. “It was a robbery. … How many jabs did you land? … Look at your face. Look at your eyes,” KSI shot at his opponent after the fight. “He was trying to fuck up my equilibrium,” the 30-year-old said, referring to Fury’s repeated use of rabbit punches – illegal punches to the back of the neck. Fury was deducted one point in the second round for a rabbit punch. However, he faced no other consequences for the behavior.

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