Rick Ross Trolls DJ Envy As Feds Deny IHeartRadio Raid


The FBI has denied reports that they conducted a raid on the offices of iHeartRadio in connection with a real estate fraud case involving DJ Envy. Envy’s lawyer told TMZ that the story of federal agents raiding the building and removing electronics was simply “continued sensationalization” by the media to keep Envy’s name connected to the case. However, a source who spoke with the outlet claimed that federal officials were present at the radio network’s offices to inform Envy of the arrest of his business partner, Cesar Pina.

Meanwhile, Rick Ross couldn’t help but take another shot at Envy, as has been the case many times over the last few months. “15 names on one piece of land, 14 n-ggas gonna take the stand,” Ross spat on Instagram. The bar is a direct reference to the charges that Envy has been connected with. Given the wide-ranging nature of the fraud, which centers on an undeveloped apartment complex, there is going to be no shortage of testimony at an eventual trial.

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DJ Akademiks Clowns Envy

However, Ross isn’t the only person going in on Envy. Akademiks, never one to shy away from a sticky situation, questioned why anyone would trust Envy with financial matters. “How do you let DJ Envy affect your financial decisions? Half the time I’m listening to The Breakfast Club, these n-ggas even can’t read what’s on the fuckin’ paper. No disrespect to none of those people up there. I really like them. But these n-ggas can barely read what’s on the fuckin’ Rumor Report. You think I’m giving them a million dollars? Fuck no, man. You crazy as hell,” Ak said earlier this week.

Furthermore, Ak wasn’t finished. “These n-ggas can’t pronounce shit, can’t read. And I’m giving- nah, hell no! You bring some n-gga who’s diabetic on here. The n-gga got 10X T-Shirts, thinking it’s 2003. The n-gga wearing Timbs, and the Timbs look like they’re squealing ‘Help me!’ Like, Jesus Christ! You gave that n-gga $800,000? It took you 20 years to get it, you gave it to him in 20 minutes? You might be the dummy! I’m sorry! You might be the dummy. That’s who I’m talking about, a ‘Donkey of the Day.’ I can’t feel too bad for you. Like, come on, bro. I ain’t gonna say I’m beyond getting got. But if you gonna get me, you gonna sound a lot smarter than me.”

Rick Ross Spitting Bars About Envy

Envy’s alleged involvement in the real estate fraud scandal remains a developing story. We’ll have any updates as and when they emerge.

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