2Pac Was “Tense” Leading Up To His Death, Outlawz Rapper Napoleon Claims


During a recent interview with The Art of Dialogue, former Outlawz rapper Napoleon spoke on 2Pac. According to him, the performer was acting different in the days leading up to his murder, and those around him could tell something was off. He says that he 2Pac grew suspicious of the people around him, sparking some concern among his associates.

“I remember when he first went back [to New York] — this is a week before he got killed,” he began. “When we went to New York, it was tense. They had him staying in some hotel — I forget the name of it, but it’s in the middle of the city.” Napoleon continued, recalling the late icon being extra cautious ahead of his 1996 shooting. “While everybody was chillin’, doing their thing, I’m just in the window…saying nothing. […] And Pac walked over to me, because he was like, ‘[He] actin’ weird.’ […] I said, ‘Pac, I’m watching everybody in this hotel.’ And he was shocked. But that’s how he had us, because he was kind of paranoid.”

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Napoleon Says 2Pac Was “Paranoid”

This isn’t the only time Napoleon’s spoken on 2Pac as of late, however. During another recent interview with the outlet, he claimed that when 2Pac’s peers discuss him nowadays, they sneak diss him in attempts to make themselves look better. Specifically, he called out Snoop Dogg and Allen Hughes.

“Some of these individuals, they very slick,” he explained. “You have the Hughes brothers, you have certain individuals like Snoop, for example — they have a way where they acting like they praising Pac, but they[‘re] putting him down. Like [Allen Hughes] said, ‘[Snoop] dimmed his light for Pac to shine.’ They do it in such a slick way so you can be like, ‘Oh wow, he’s not a hater.’” What do you think of Napoleon claiming that 2Pac was “paranoid” in the days leading up to his death? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more news.

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