7 Horror Movies From 2023 That You Must Watch This Halloween


This year has been great for fans of horror movies. Evidently, the genre is still alive and well. Better yet, with independent companies like A24 spewing out newfound horror classics, the decade promises to be a treat for the genre. From psychological to supernatural horror, there have been an impressive number of movie offerings. Fortunately, directors continue to push boundaries, repeatedly rejuvenating new life into the genre. 

Remarkably, ratings for horror films this year have stayed markedly high on average. In addition, a handful of films released this year have certainly joined the ranks of horror favorites. Classic franchises like Saw were rejuvenated, while new entries like Talk to Me have won the hearts of horror fans. Besides the usual Halloween horror classics, these seven horror films from 2023 are a must-see! 

Infinity Pool

This Brandon Cronenberg film features both horror and sci-fi elements. It stars Alexander Skarsgård, Mia Goth, Cleopatra Coleman, and Jalil Lespert in lead roles. Infinity Pool follows a writer (played by Skarsgård) and his wife who take a trip to the fictional country of Li Tolqa on vacation. While at a resort there, they befriend another couple who encourage them to go out and have more fun. Subsequently, an unfortunate accident sets off a series of very unexpected events. Infinity Pool is available to stream on Hulu, Prime Video, and Apple TV.

Saw X

Saw X is a direct sequel to the original Saw film released in 2004. It picks up from where the first film left off, and focuses closely on the central character, Jigsaw. Saw X offers viewers a detailed backstory on the events that happened with the depraved character before his demise in Saw III. Released less than a month ago, it has been widely praised as arguably the best film in the entire franchise. The claim is evidenced by the impressive 84% Rotten Tomatoes score the movie boasts of. Tobin Bell has also received widespread praise for his performance as John Kramer/Jigsaw in the film. The movie is projected to be in theaters until mid-November at least. 

Evil Dead Rise 

This is the fifth installment in the Evil Dead film franchise. The film revolves around two sisters Beth and Ellie, and Ellie’s three children. After an earthquake hits and unveils a concealed chamber in their basement, the kids accidentally awaken a malevolent supernatural entity. The night takes a terrifying turn soon after, and the family has to fight to stay alive. Overall, the film has impressive effects, and effective scares, making it one of the most thrilling horror movies this year. Evil Dead Rise is available for streaming on Max, Apple TV, and Prime Video.

Scream VI

The sixth installment in the Scream film series was one of the first horror films to drop this year. The slasher film is one of the best in the entire franchise, and received generally favorable reviews when it was released. A handful of actors from the 2022 film Scream also reprised their roles, including Jenna Ortega, Mason Gooding, and Jasmin Savoy Brown, among others. Even after five films, the franchise manages not to be grossly cliché, and Scream VI is an exciting and fresh addition to its roster. Additionally, the movie offers great scares, as well as some good laughs. Scream VI can be streamed on Paramount+.

The Blackening 

Released on June 16, 2023, The Blackening is a black comedy slasher film set on Juneteenth. The movie is based on a short film of the same name by the comedy group 3Peat. The Blackening follows a group of friends who rent out a cabin in the woods to celebrate Juneteenth. After discovering a board game in the basement called “The Blackening,” they start getting killed off one by one by an enigmatic figure. The Blackening is notable for its unique blend of horror elements and satirical comedy. It is sure to bring out several laughs (as well as a few screams, maybe) out of you. The film is available on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. 

No One Will Save You

This exciting addition to the sci-fi horror genre takes alien abduction to a whole new level. After seeing this movie, viewers may not be so keen on an alien invasion anymore if they were in the first place. No One Will Save You was only just released on September 19. However, it has already solidified itself as one of the best horror movies of 2023. The film excellently combines elements of horror, as well as science fiction. Furthermore, it features a palpable sense of dread that rises the longer you watch. No One Will Save You can be streamed on Hulu and Disney Plus’ content hub, Star. 

Talk to Me

Undoubtedly, A24’s Talk to Me is the undisputed champion of horror movies in 2023 so far. Upon its theatrical release in July this year, the film didn’t take long to achieve widespread critical acclaim. The film is arguably the most chilling watch of the year, and will leave almost any viewer spooked for a long time. Sophie Wilde, who plays the lead character Mia, gives a breakthrough performance in her role. Talk to Me is an absolute must-see, especially for fans of horror, especially supernatural horror. The film is now available on streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.



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