Blueface’s Stepdad Slams Chrisean Jr.’s Name


The name of Chrisean Rock’s first child with Blueface has been controversial ever since the new mother announced it last month. The child, Chrisean Jr., is named after his mother. This didn’t sit right with Blueface, who thought it seemed like she hadn’t put much thought into it.

“I actually feel bad for my son at this point he’s a junior to his mom he don’t gotta be named after me but at least put some thought into it that was some quick last minute…what do you want to name him uhm just write down [Chrisean] Malone smh,” he wrote on Twitter. “Should have just named the baby ‘clout’ would have been more meaningful.” While Chrisean doesn’t appear to have any regrets about her child’s name now, she did consider changing it shortly after his arrival.

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Blueface’s Stepdad On Chrisean Jr.’s Name

“Yes, I’m changing his name I gotta accept it, too. I was f*ckin’ with Chrisean Malone but then I realized Malone is not… It’s not about to be that,” she told followers. “I want it to be Jonathan Jamall Porter Jr. He has two sons but he don’t got a junior yet I don’t like it. I don’t like it like that. It’s kind of mean. I’m telling you, I can’t stay mean forever. I’m a very forgiving person. Plus, that’s my baby daddy.”

Chrisean hasn’t given any indication lately as whether or not she still plans to change it. Another person who weighed in on the infant’s name recently is none other than Blueface’s stepdad. He doesn’t seem to be a fan. According to him, the name doesn’t fit the child because of his gender. “The female can’t be no Jr.,” he claimed during a live stream. What do you think of Blueface’s stepdad weighing in on his child’s name? Do you think Chrisean Jr. is a good name for him? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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