Chrisean Rock Twerks On Man At The Club, He Curves Her: Video


23-year-old Chrisean Rock certainly isn’t shy, which is exactly why she’s finding so much success as a reality TV star. From feuding with other women on Baddies to navigating her on-again-off-again relationship with Blueface on Cr*zy In Love, the Baltimore native has been providing us with plenty of (often toxic) entertainment over the past few years, letting her vulnerable emotions come through in various situations. We’ve seen a substantial amount of maturity in Rock since she first stepped into the spotlight. Nevertheless, while she doesn’t cry over her baby daddy quite as much, she still sometimes struggles to understand the boundaries of others.

In a video making rounds on Twitter this weekend, Rock dances at the club with her girlfriends. The new mother is clearly feeling herself, as we’ve seen in the various videos showing off her body’s quick snapback after giving birth to Chrisean Jr.). We’re unsure exactly when, or where, the footage was taken, but in less than 10 seconds, the mother of one finds herself facing rejection after throwing her booty back on someone without consent.

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Chrisean Rock Lets Loose with Her Friends

The “Lit” rapper’s moves are impressive, but still, the male stranger didn’t appreciate her intruding on his space. Thankfully he smiled and laughed at the situation, making things slightly less awkward as Rock went on to dance around the room. She’s reportedly dating Lil Mabu at this time, and has even said that she hopes to have her second child in the near future with him.

Chrisean Rock might not have found a winner that night at the club, but at least she has Crip Mac to fall back on. While shopping at Walmart recently, the controversial internet star filmed a video letting the 23-year-old know that he’s ready and willing to help her raise her son – and take care of her in the bedroom. Check out Mac’s full NSFW message at the link below, and tap back in later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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