Lil Reese Seemingly Throws Down With Group Of Women In Chicago


In a continuation of his bad week, Lil Reese has been spotted throwing down with a group of women in Chicago. The rapper was caught on video pushing, punching, and even grabbing a few people by the neck. The video comes just a few days after Reese had to debunk claims that he had been shot. It’s unclear what caused the altercation and if there are any consequences of it. The fight remains a developing story and we’ll have any updates as they emerge.

However, it’s not the first time that Reese has been accused of violence against women. Over a decade ago in 2012, a video emerged of Reese pulling the hair of a woman who was later revealed to be his baby mama. Last year, Reese expressed regret over that incident. “I wish I could take it back. I would have never did it, I would have never did that shit though,” Reese told DJ Vlad.

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Reese Denies Shooting Rumors

Elsewhere, Reese has had to deny that he was shot, a rumor spread across multiple sites online. “Hell yea blood that’s fake news,” Reese could be seen telling a friend in text messages. It’s unclear if there was anything related that led to the rumors. However, Reese is doing fine and has not been shot. However, it was a pretty scary time with his fans, with no one giving a clear account of the situation before Reese spoke out.

Earlier in the month, he also spoke on his 2021 shooting incident while appearing on No Jumper. “They was shootin’ from five lanes over. It’s goofy shit. They was five lanes over, shootin’ at my car, thinkin’ I was somebody else. Somebody else had the same car as me, and they just did a video in the car, so they thought my car was his car, and they shot my car up,” Reese told Adam22.

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