Lil Yachty Concert Shut Down After Five Songs Over Safety Concerns


Lil Yachty’s concert in Vancouver lasted just five songs before it was shut down over safety concerns. Yachty had invited as many people as possible to join the mosh pit, an invitation that the venue took issue with. A huge mass of people could be seen trying to enter that section of the venue. Security then tried to get them to leave the pit, with many fans refusing to do so. Citing safety concerns, the concert was then ended by the venue.

Yachty is yet to release a statement about the incident. The show was the first on a North American and European tour that runs for the rest of the year. The next show is scheduled for tonight in Portland. Furthermore, Yachty remains in North America until early November. Then, following a two-week break, he will continue the tour in Europe, beginning in Oslo.

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Billie Eilish Co-Signs Lil Yachty’s Name Drop

However, it’s not all been bad news for Yachty as of late. Billie Eilish recently gave her stamp of approval on Yachty’s NSFW namedrop on his recent Drake feature. On “Another Late Night”, in which Drake also addressed allegations surrounding Millie Bobby Brown, Yachty shouted out the 21-year-old pop star. “I let her go, she fine as hell but baby wasn’t stylish / She had big t-ts like Billie Eilish, but she couldn’t sing (Drip),” Yachty rapped on his verse.

The lyrics then popped up in an Instagram post of Eilish’s alongside images of various activities such as biking and a shot of the singer’s new tattoo. While Eilish didn’t say anything specific, the inclusion of the lyrics appears to be a sign of approval. Of course, it’s not the first time Eilish has been name-dropped in a rap track. Armani White named a whole track after Eilish, with the line “Glock tucked, big t-shirt Billie Eilish” becoming a viral sound for thirst trap transitions on TikTok.

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