Sexyy Red’s Security Shoves Twerking Fan, Rapper Flexes Baby Bump In Devilish Selfies


Sexyy Red held a twerking competition at one of her recent shows, allowing fans to show off their moves onstage. Unfortunately, however, one of the contestants got an unexpected and arguably uncalled for surprise. Sexyy Red had made her way over to the woman to peep her dancing, prompting her to turn around and throw it back on the rapper.

Her security wasn’t having it, and shoved the woman away from Sexyy Red. “Woah, it’s okay,” the hitmaker told the overzealous guard. The fan appeared to be shocked and confused as to why she was pushed for doing what she was brought onstage to do. Some commenters note that she did get a bit close to the “SkeeYee” performer, nearly touching her.

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Sexyy Red’s Security Pushes Woman Onstage

While some think the guard was too harsh on the fan, others believe he was simply trying to protect her, and her growing baby. As most fans know by now, she’s is currently expecting her second child. She shared the news in a post with SZA, asking followers to guess the baby’s gender.

While she hasn’t let her pregnancy slow her down, the “Pound Town” performer has taken the opportunity to show off her bump in various Instagram photos. Today, she even unveiled a collection of Halloween-inspired mirror snaps, in which she’s seen rocking a pair of devil horns. “Da Sexyy Devil,” she captioned the fun carousel. She posed in a pink, rhinestone-studded leotard with both her chain and bump on full display.

Sexyy Red Shows Off Her Baby Bump In “Sexyy Devil” Photoshoot

What do you think of Sexyy Red’s showing off her baby bump? Do you think her security was in the right to push the twerking fan, or was it uncalled for? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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