Chrisean Rock’s Treatment Of Son At Fan Meet & Greet Sparks Backlash Online


Chrisean Rock and her newborn baby boy Chrisean Jr. are taking the world on together, much to the dismay of social media. Moreover, it feels like we can barely go a day without receiving some sort of update or large reaction to one of her antics or to an aspect of her personal life. The Baddies star leaves it all out there online for everyone to take in, and it’s a fruitless endeavor to sum up all her controversies these days. Some of those are of her own creation, while others came from others who thrust it upon her. Something that the Baltimore native got a lot of recent flack for, though, is her parenting of her son.

For example, she recently held a meet-and-greet session with fans, and of course Chrisean Jr. was there alongside his mom. Furthermore, many blasted Chrisean Rock online for apparently treating him like a prop, as you can see in the clip below that she moves him around aggressively in some’s eyes. Others, though, took stronger issue with taking the little one to gatherings in the first place. “I’m rooting for Rock, but that baby ain’t old enough for no meet and greet, I’m sorry. Too many sick people out here,” one user wrote under Instagram coverage of the event.

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Chrisean Rock & Chrisean Jr. At Meet & Greet Event

Regardless, there are still many fans of Chrisean Rock online who defend her parenting skills and choices in those matters. “Imagine having to work to feed your baby and you can’t trust a soul with your child because of past traumas the baby a be alright,” one social media user posited. “U definitely can’t plz floks,” another added. “She leave the bby with a relative Issa a problem, she walk with the bby is next problem. Like wtf? God got her n that bby,yall best believe it.”

Meanwhile, others sought a compromise and are offering her advice on how to balance her hectic schedule with motherhood. “Rock need to hire a travel nanny to go with her,” a user suggested. “I understand you gotta work so I get her taking him with her… Too many ppl got Covid.” Maybe she can get her rumored new boo, Lil Mabu, to take care of him, too. For more news and the latest updates on Chrisean Rock, come back to HNHH.

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