Flavor Flav’s Career Controlled By His Manager & Girlfriend, Sources Allege


Flavor Flav’s iconic status in the rap game doesn’t mean he’s immune to manipulation, various sources reportedly alleged to AllHipHop. Moreover, these accusations came against his new manager, Rhiannon Rae Ellis, and his new girlfriend, Kelly Salvaggio. Apparently, the Public Enemy icon’s fans and sources supposedly close to him are expressing a lot of concern over these new influences in his life. Not only that, but fans rumored that this lines up with the last time that he spoke to his youngest son, which happened over a year and a half ago. The two were starting to form a strong connection when Ellis and Salvaggio intervened and, according to source reports, strayed him away from family.

Furthermore, a lot of this doubt around the potential I’m A Celebrity star’s career stems from his manger’s credentials. Ellis claims to be a Harvard University graduate, but she only has small degrees and certifications from the institution’s often looked-down-upon Extension Studies program. In fact, these are claims and boasts that she makes on Flavor Flav’s own Instagram page. While this could technically violate Harvard’s code of conduct due to possible misrepresentation, it’s also a relatively small detail that is impossible to determine when it comes to its actual impact.

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Flavor Flav’s Manager Flaunts Her Harvard Ties On His IG

On the other hand, his new girlfriend Kelly Salvaggio might be the reason why the hip-hop star is such a big Swiftie. Fans took a look at her IG page to find evidence that supported this, which contributed to the narrative that she controls him to a certain degree. “I was surprised when Flavor Flav asked me to make a custom clock, not for himself, but to gift this to someone else… TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!” she captioned a post about a custom clock in the MC’s style that she made. “My daughters and I had a fun TIME creating the perfect Eras Tour Clock. What a special moment for everyone!”

Meanwhile, another allegation of exploitation stems from a picture of Flav washing Salvaggio’s car. She thanked him for it on social media, and it’s unclear if it’s a joke or if she really meant to allude to grunt work. Also, she uploaded a lot of pictures with celebrities online that she met because of the 64-year-old. Of course, this is all purely speculative and theoretical, but the dots are there for folks to connect or dismiss for themselves. Let us know what you think about all this in the comments and stay logged into HNHH for more news and the latest updates on Flavor Flav.

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