Lucki & Lil Yachty Discuss Lean Cost, Claim Young Thug Paid $5K Due To “Tax”


An increasing number of celebrities have become more comfortable in using their platforms to speak out about issues with mental health and substance abuse. On the latest episode of Lil Yachty’s A Safe Place podcast, he and co-host Mitch sat down with Lucki to talk about some of their personal vices. For his part, the “Brocolli” hitmaker shared that he’s approaching his one-year sobriety milestone. Their guest shared that he’s completely quit popping pills, though he’s having a difficult time quitting promethazine.

At one point during their chat, Yachty asked Lucki how much money he’s likely spent on lean in his career. “I don’t like thinking about that,” the Chicago native admitted. “I remember when I was coming up, ni**as used to be like, ‘I charged Young Thug $5,000. They used to take pride in waxing a rapper!” Lucki further reflected. “I just realized, three months ago, I turned into that. Ni**as take pride in taxing me, I ain’t realize it.”

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Lucki Says Young Thug Has Paid Thousands for Promethazine

The 27-year-old then shared that he’s not one to “go back and forth” when a dealer names their price. However, he and Yachty expressed suspicion about price increases being manufactured by those on the inside who frequently name shortages as a reason for rising costs. “I’m really a victim out here though,” Lucki told the hosts, who looked at him and laughed. “Lemme guess, CVS is out of stock.”

Seeing as he’s still in jail awaiting the official start of his YSL RICO trial, it’s likely been some time since Young Thug has indulged in his lean habit. Of course, there are still ways to get usually forbidden objects behind bars. His girlfriend Mariah the Scientist recently shared he has an iPad he uses to play Candy Crush on the regular. Read more about Thugger’s ongoing jury selection process in Atlanta at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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