Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Regrets Divorce, Says Bad Influences Got The Best Of Her


Tyrese’s ex-wife, Samantha Lee, recently added a wildly different but compelling side to their nasty divorce story. For those unaware, the two are currently feuding quite heavily over the circumstances and post-breakup divisions in their relationship, whether on personal terms or in court. However, it seems like this bad blood hasn’t blinded her to what she sees as a mistake. Moreover, Lee recently appeared on the Hardly Initiated podcast with co-hosts Ryan Catchings and Tysean Jackson. During her appearance, she recalled how over three years of marriage went down the drain because of bad influences.

“It’s very important to seek wise counsel,” Samantha Lee remarked of the Tyrese situation. “You have to really decide and make a very calculated decision based on your belief systems. “I think we do take divorce very casually. I would never tell a woman to walk through that. [Not] in the same frame as I was when I did it. I was very, very, hurt, I was very angry. I remember when I made the decision. [When] I was hysterically crying on the phone with my attorney, I was not in any position to make that decision, I was extremely emotionally intoxicated. I would never tell somebody to make that decision when they’re that emotional but of course, I wasn’t talking to someone that genuinely would be for marriage or for reconciliation.

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Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Samantha Lee Speaks On What Falsely Led Her To Consider Divorce

“That’s no slight to my attorney,” Samantha Lee continued about her split from Tyrese. “At the time when I was on the phone and I made that decision, I was livid. I was emotional. If I’m that emotional and I’m that hurt and I’m on that level, if it’s misguided and misdirected it could go in a bad direction. The people I had in my ear at the time were not for that. The truth about the matter is that if I had different people in my ear at that time I would not have made that decision. I’m an extremely emotional person. There will be moments where, like, ’I’m ready to be done, I can’t stand this! He don’t do this!’ We’re just focusing on these things. You don’t have a certain person in your life to check you and say ‘Sis, what about this, what about these strengths?’

“You may not be thinking about when you’re upset,” she concluded. “You’re only thinking about what you’re mad about, you’re not thinking about all the other positive aspects of this person. So in those moments, you need somebody to be that person for that person in those moments. You don’t win when a family is broken apart. There was a marital therapist that was speaking to both me and him. He said when you get lawyers involved, it gets ugly. I didn’t even realize how ugly it would get. Like, if I could walk back in time… Sometimes I battle with myself about that. But at the time, I thought I was doing the right thing or the best thing. I didn’t know how ugly it could get.” For more news and the latest updates on Tyrese, stick around on HNHH.

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