Usher “Terrorist” Comments Continue As Charlamagne Calls R&B Star Out For Flirting With Multiple Women


Usher has a woman in his life – Jennifer Goicoechea – who he loves very much, but that hasn’t stopped from the “Yeah!” singer letting his playboy antics run the show during his Las Vegas residency. When Keke Palmer sat in the audience, she and the R&B icon broke the internet as he sultrily serenaded her, much to the starlet’s baby daddy’s dismay. Thankfully, she and Darius Jackson managed to navigate their issues and continue raising their young son, Leodis, together. Usher, however, hasn’t stopped singing to other people’s partners while on stage, causing him to be put on blast by Charlamagne Tha God during a recent episode of The Breakfast Club.

“Let me tell you how much of a terrorist Usher is,” the Brilliant Idiots host told listeners. “He went from my wife to Doja Cat, who was clearly there with a guy,” Charlamagne explained. Seeing as the Scarlet artist has been dating J. Cyrus on the low for some time now, our bet is that she attended the concert with him. “He didn’t care,” the radio host noted of Usher’s nonchalance towards the men in the room. “Then, Jessica Alba was sitting behind me. He went and started singing to her, she’s married!”

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Usher Put on Blast by Charlamagne Tha God

Where the Texas-born recording artist drew the line, it seems, was with Jennifer Lopez. “Then he had the nerve to look at her and say, ‘I don’t want no smoke with Ben Affleck.’ Well what you want smoke with me for Usher?!” Tha God openly pondered. “He think you soft,” co-host DJ Envy suggested to his friend.

Interestingly, Charlamagne Tha God putting Usher on blast comes not so long after another media personality dragged his name through the mud. Earlier this week, Funk Flex seemingly implicated The Breakfast Club host in DJ Envy’s real estate fraud scandal. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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